Model: 10T202ELP 10T202ALP
Capacity: 20,000# 20,000#
Overall Width: 96″/102″ Optional 96″/102″ Optional
Deck Length: 20′ Flat / 5′ B.T. 20′ Flat / 5′ B.T.
Main Frame: 12″@19 I-Beam 12″@19 I-Beam
Siderails: 8″Channel 8″Channel
Crossmembers: 3″ Channel 3″ Channel
Axles: (2)10,000# G.D. (2)10,000# H.D.
Brakes: 12 1/4″x3 3/8″ Electric 12 1/4″x4″ Air Brakes w/(1) ABS
Suspension: Hutch 9700 Hutch 9700
Tires: 235/80R16 (8 Bolt Dual Wheel) 235/80R16 (8 Bolt Dual Wheel)
Jack: 12,000# Side Wind 12,000# Side Wind
Ramps:  20 1/2″”x60″ Ladder/Wood Fill  20 1/2″”x60″ Ladder/Wood Fill
Tool Storage: Lockable Toolbox in Tongue Lockable Toolbox in Tongue
Hitch: Adj. 3″ Pintle Ring Adj. 3″ Pintle Ring
Safety Chains 1/2″ Gr. 70 w/Safety Hooks 1/2″ Gr. 70 w/Safety Hooks
Tie Downs: (4) 1″ D-Rings Ea. Side (4) 1″ D-Rings Ea. Side
Lights: LED LED
Decking: 2″ Nominal Oak 2″ Nominal Oak
Paint: Black or Cat Yellow(Other Colors Optional) Black or Cat Yellow(Other Colors Optional)
Option: Paver Ramp/ Hydraulic RampDifferent Deck Length Paver Ramp/ Hydraulic RampDifferent Deck Length

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